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Protecting the Environment

For Nordanger Gulv AS, it is crucial that all company activity focuses on protecting the environment. We focus on ensuring that all production of our floors takes care of the environment, both in the short and long term. Production must not be harmful to the environment, human health or the working environment.

Nordanger Gulv AS shall at all times follow the applicable laws and guidelines for protecting the environment.

Nordanger Gulv AS informs about the products' characteristics, about what they are made of, and test results showing that the products are made in accordance with current laws.

Nordanger Gulv AS meets the requirements set for obtaining BREEAM-NOR approval and ensures that subcontractors also meet BREEAM-NOR's requirements.

We care about the environment!

NG17a-004 Dutch oak Beige
NG17B-003 Imperial Wood