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Nordanger Gulv AS manufacture and sells floors for the project market and common areas. Our floors are particularly suitable for use in rooms with heavy traffic and high loads. The floors have a long life, are easy to maintain and comes in a large selection of gorgeous designs.

We also supply floors with acoustic substrates where a softer floor with step sound attenuation is required in the space and on the underlying floor. 

All floors Nordanger markets have been approved in environmental- and safety tests.

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Knut Nordanger established Nordanger Gulv AS in 1976 and launched LVT flooring in Norway in 1978. Read our entire story!

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Nordanger design flooring has a strong focus on being environmentally friendly when we produce our products.

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NG design floors are durable and decorative vinyl tiles. The floors are available in a number of different designs, and with different surfaces.