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Our History

Knut Nordanger established Nordanger Gulv AS in 1976 and launched LVT flooring in Norway in 1978

In 1978, two representatives from English floor manufacturers met in a pub one evening during a floor fair in Germany. During the conversation, one man asked the other if he knew anyone in Norway who could sell their products. They had visited Norway several times without results.

The other says that he could contact Knut Nordanger in Oslo.

They did, and it was the start of a collaboration that lasted for 30 years.

The products to be launched in Norway were vinyl tiles with a pattern adapted to the British market. Many of the patterns did not harmonize with Norwegian preferences and Norwegian interiors. In addition, the floors were expensive. Therefore, it was slow beginnings. Floorers Nordanger presented the tiles for were not interested, as they thought the floors were too costly and too special.

After a year, Nordanger found out how to sell the floors; he contacted shop fitters and shop chains.

Nordanger's marketing was based on the floors being adapted to the industry and the interior design in general. In other words, the floors were supposed to help sell the store's goods. A chain should also have the same floor in all its stores, giving recognition to customers.

A few years later, the manufacturer launched tiles with wood designs. This caused the market to explode. At the same time, shopping centres were built in large numbers over several years. Nordanger Gulv AS was the sole provider of LVT floors in Norway for many years and entered into delivery agreements with chains all over the country.

Stores had previously tried to use wooden floors. Still, they required frequent sanding and varnishing, making them unsuitable for use in places with heavy traffic and wear.

When the patterns became so good that customers and employees thought they were walking on natural wood, more and more stores chose LVT floors over carpets and wood floors.

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Nordanger Gulv was created

Gradually, more manufacturers entered the Norwegian market. Still, Nordanger Gulv AS had established itself as a solid and reliable supplier of quality products. Despite the competition, Nordanger Gulv AS continued its success.

In 2009, something happened that could have quickly stopped the floor adventure. The 30-year collaboration with the floor manufacturer was terminated after the manufacturer gained a new owner. The new owner decided to change their sales strategy. Nordanger Gulv AS did not believe in the reorganization and the new owners' plans for Norway and therefore chose to end the collaboration.

Knut Nordanger, who was 74 years old at the time, refused to stop there. 34 years of deliveries of floors to shops and other public environments had given Nordanger Gulv AS knowledge and experience that had to be continued. Within a few days, it was decided that it was time to invest in its own brand. In 2009, the warehouse in Lilleakerveien in Oslo was cleared and filled with 50,000 sqm of the company's new pride - NG design floor.

Knut Nordanger thought that when something has to change, one must take the opportunity to change it for the better. He took the opportunity to get an even better product at a significantly lower price, resulting in even more satisfied customers.

It turned out to be anything but a stupid decision to launch NG design flooring. Nordanger Gulv's customers had the confidence needed for this would go well, and almost all of Nordanger Gulv's customers chose to switch to using NG design flooring. Six years after the launch, the customer list has grown, and NG design flooring has become a well-known brand in its market.

Thanks to long experience, close dialogue with the market and a good reputation, Nordanger Gulv AS is doing well. A small family business that goes the extra mile to help its customers.

We also supply floors with acoustic substrates, where a softer floor with step sound attenuation is required in the space and on the underlying floor.

Marine floors with approvals for use on ships and oil platforms are also in stock.

All floors Nordanger markets have been approved in environmental- and safety tests.

Nordanger Gulv AS had its 40th anniversary in 2016.- Knut Nordanger is now 80 years old but is still engaged in the company and does not intend to bite the dust just yet. A good dose of stubbornness, a practical approach and hard work are the secrets behind its success.